Autism Assessment Services

Autism is on a diverse spectrum and can manifest in numerous ways. If you believe your child is showing signs of autism, early screening can help you gain clarity on your child’s needs and the support that will be helpful.

Dr. Melody Marley

Dr. Melody Marley, PhD, HSPP is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in autism spectrum disorder. She is available to conduct diagnostic services for children and adolescents who may be displaying early signs or characteristics of autism.

Dr. Marley has 23 years of professional experience in the realms of Private Practice, Community Mental Health, Community Psychiatric Crisis Teams and Program Management at a Psychiatric Hospital.  She has taught in the psychology departments at four different universities, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses, and has presented at several psychological seminars. In addition to her speciality in autism, Dr. Marley also is qualified in psychological assessment for needs related to ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Oppositional Difficulties, College Readiness, and Career Decision-Making.

Melody Marley
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