IBAA Receives Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ) Accreditation

IBAA showing ACQ accreditation

We have some excellent news! We are very proud to announce that Indiana Behavior Analysis Academy (IBAA) has recently been accredited by the Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ). ACQ is a mission-driven, non-profit accreditation body for organizations offering applied behavior analysis services to individuals and families affected by autism. The ACQ is currently recognized as the gold standard in terms of accreditation options for ABA providers, therefore we are very proud to have their stamp of approval on all three of the IBAA centers.

Why Accreditation Matters

Accreditation is an ongoing formal, independent verification that a program, organization, or institution meets established quality standards set by an independent body. It is important because individuals and families impacted by autism deserve access to the highest level of care to help them reach their full potential and there is far too much variability in the quality of applied behavior analysis (ABA) services currently available.

Why the Autism Commission on Quality?

Between 2016 and 2023, IBAA was accredited by the Behavior Health Center of Excellence (BHCOE). The organization sought accreditation through ACQ upon renewal for several reasons. The ACQ is a nonprofit accreditation body whose standards belong to the community it serves and are not owned by private individuals or groups. ACQ’s nonprofit status aligns with its commitment to transparency, especially as it relates to the financial support it receives. In addition, IBAA recognized that the ACQ conducts a review of each location within an organization before a blanket (organization-wide) seal of accreditation is offered. Families deserve transparency when seeking the highest level of support for their children and loved ones.

Founding of ACQ

In 2022, the Council of Autism Service Providers (CASP) founded the ACQ to improve the quality, effectiveness, and outcomes of ABA services for individuals and families impacted by autism. CASP is a well-known and trusted trade association representing over 300 provider organizations serving around 100,000 individuals with autism. ACQ is proudly supported by CASP, however, all essential accreditation decisions (e.g., policies, standards, recognition, appeals) are handled independently from CASP.

Mission and Vision

ACQ maintains a mission of continuously improving the impact of applied behavior analysis services for the autism community through education and accreditation of provider organizations. In addition, their vision is for all recipients of applied behavior analysis services to reach their full potential through access to organizations offering the highest level of care. In turn, the ACQ will assist IBAA in carrying out our own mission and vision to provide the highest level of support to autistic children and their families.

More Information

For more information about ACQ, you can visit their website at https://autismcommission.org.

Source: ACQ website at https://autismcommission.org

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