Lisa Steward MA BCBA

Lisa Steward, MA, BCBA

Lisa Steward eagerly accepts the responsibility of developing all aspects of a successful service driven program. As the sole owner and Director of Operations, she is committed to providing excellent clinical supports to children enrolled in IBAA, their families, their staff, and their communities.

Lisa has over 20 years of experience working with individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Her experience and education related to the field of ABA includes the completion of a masters degree in special education with a certification in applied behavior analysis. She obtained her certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board in 2009. Lisa consulted with children and young adults with autism in their homes, schools, and communities from 2001 to 2010, at which time she accepted the Clinical Director position at what became a well established ABA center in central Indiana.

As a Director, Lisa supervised and supported a team that grew to include eleven BCBAs. Her team was responsible for developing intensive ABA programs for over 65 children with autism. The role of Clinical Director afforded Lisa the opportunity to work with a world renowned group of advisors and participate in clinical research. Lisa’s experiences have led to a heightened passion for providing the highest quality supports to children with autism and their families.

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